Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Just For Fun...

A link here for a quiz - what Star Trek character are YOU? Just classic and TNG, though.

I took it, ended up Geordi. What about you? Comment below!


Monday, September 30, 2013

Welcome aboard!!

Hello out there!

Boy, it's crowded here in cyberspace, y'know?? Glad you found me though - the ONLY place on the web to discuss The Cassidy Chronicles!

Yes, this page is exclusively for YOU the fan to connect the ME the author, ask questions, find links to your favorite books, and keep informed of new and exciting things going on in Cass & Ken's world! Take a look around, stretch out, get comfortable... There's a counter over there ---> so you can see how many people have visited, there's a carousel up there ^^ so that you can get your own PAPERBACK or electronic copy of the books - and of course, posts, of which THIS is the first.

So - let's get right into this!

I just got these made up - cool, eh? Fridge magnets, they are. Very handy to have.

YOU can have one - FREE! What do you have to do, you ask?

Simple. Post a link to this blog on your site/page/wall/twitter, copy THAT link in the comments below, and I will give a magnet to the first TEN people who do this. Easy, eh?

Once you comment, I'll check it out and then get your address (magnets don't do well as email attachments, something about the electromagnetic force wiping out the hard drive) to mail it off!

Cover Art Run Like Hell

Cover Art Run Like Hell